New Ph.D. position jointly with STmicroelectronics

Title: Multilayer Coatings for Antireflection and Micromirror in the MIR and LIR wavelengths

The ongoing research covers the scientific and industrial needs to realize multilayer thin films for eliminating or increasing the reflectivity in a broad wavelength range (UV to LWIR) from photonics and electronics devices.

The approach follows a complete multiphysic methodology:

  • Numerical evaluations (design) and characterizations of the device.
  • Design and analysis of thin multilayer films for antireflection and mirror application in a wide wavelength range.
  • Deposition techniques with sputtering, evaporators and CVD.
  • Material selection and experimental analysis.
  • Experimental device characterization.

This position offers the unique possibility of working day-by-day with the R&D staff of STmicroelectronics, in a very joint research that will converge to significant results both from the research and industrial points of view.

The PhD students will work in the Photonic Devices Lab and in Polifab, Via Colombo 81 and occasionally in STmicroelectronics (Agrate Brianza – MB).


For more information please contact Prof. Melloni ( or Dr. De Vita (