Our talk at 2016 PIC International Conference

Our group will be speaking at the 2016 PIC International Conference in Brussels on March 1-2, 2016 with a talk entitled: “Taking a close, damage-free look at the light in photonic integrated circuits”.

PIC International provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of this industry, from basic research to materials, equipment, packaging, and the incorporation of chips in data centres and optical networks; strengthening the relationships between the makers and the users of these integrated circuits by launching PIC International, a global conference dedicated to this industry. Attendees at the inaugural PIC International conference will hear industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning six sectors.

Abstract: The ability to non-invasively look inside photonic integrated circuits is one of the keys to develop robust and reliable PICs, thus taking them out of the lab towards an industrial scenario. Here, we present the ContactLess Integrated Photonic Probe (CLIPP), a transparent photodetector that enables hitless monitoring and feedback control of silicon and indium phosphide PICs. Driven by CMOS ASICs bridged to the photonic chip, the CLIPP performs light-path tracking of data channels in complex optical architectures without inducing any additional penalty. Furthermore, we exploit the CLIPP to reduce the complexity of fiber-to-waveguide alignment procedures for packaging and wafer-level testing applications.

Website: www.picinternational.net