The password to unlock the software will be given during the lessons.

Mode Solver: a mode calculator for 3D waveguide

Diffraction 1D and 2D: Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction for slit and slit array (1D); Fraunhofer diffraction from 2D slits

Slab sim: calculation of modes, parameters and dispersion diagram of an infinite plane slab (MATLAB)

Slab mode: another software for infinite slab modes calculation (DOS)

WMM: mode solver for 2D waveguide

GRATSIM: Bragg gratings simulator (MATLAB) for the analysis of uniform, apodized, chirped and with phase jump gratings

Mod Sim: electro-optical modulator simulator, lumped electrode and travelling wave (MATLAB)

Prop sim: pulses propagation simulator in optical fiber in the presence of dispersion, non linearities and lumped amplificator

Light prop: free space propagation with thin film elements such as lenses, gratings, slits… (MATLAB)

Aspic: circuit simulator (trial version Exp. June2019)