About Us

The Photonic Devices Group operates at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of the Politecnico di Milano since 1996.
Our prime competences are in passive and nonlinear integrated optical circuits on both low index contrast and high index contrast platforms.
We are researching to increase the scalability of Photonic Integrated Circuit while reducing the design complexity.
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Programmable Photonics on TG1

Prof. Melloni and prof. Morichetti has been interviewed by R.A.I. for their paper “Programmable Photonic Circuits” published on Nature on October 7th, 2020. The interview has been held inside PoliFAB and was broadcasted in TG1.


Congratulations to Maziyar for defending his doctorate thesis “Design and Control recipes for complex photonic integrated circuits” on Dec. 17th and obtaining the PhD degree with honors (cum laude). He joined our group as a Post-Doc. researcher.

Solmeda prize at RiNEm 2020

Congratulation to Matteo Petrini and Maziyar Milanizadeh for obtaining the first Solmeda prize at Riunione Nazionale di Elettromagnetismo 2020 (RiNEm 2020) for the publication “FSR-free coupled microring resonators hitless photonic filter” http://www.elettromagnetismo.it/rinem2020/

We are on Nature with Programmable Photonic Circuits !

We are very proud to announce that our Review Paper “Programmable Photonic Circuits” has been published in Nature! , a joint collaboration between us and first line institutions and researchers. Programmable photonic circuits on Nature Programmable photonic circuits manipulate light on a chip through software software control, instead of hardwiring…

Best student poster award at ECIO19

Congratulation to Maziyar for obtaining the best student poster award at European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO2019) at Ghent, Belgium for the publication ”Automatic look up table generation technique for photonic integrated circuits” https://www.ecio-2019.org/

Douglas Aguiar Ph.D defense

Douglas successfully defended his dissertation titled “Reconfigurable photonic integrated circuits for high capacity optical networks” on the 24th of January. Now he joined the Photonic Devices Group as a post-doc…. Congratulation !

Record high TOC of SiOC

  Silicon Oxycarbide (SiOC) have gained significant attention in scientific community and has been adopted in several important fields of technology including Lithium batteries, photoluminescence and interlayer dielectrics. At Photonic Devices Group, Faisal, a PhD candidate with Prof. Morichetti and Prof. Melloni, has developed Silicon Oxycarbide (SiOC), a promising material…

2nd seminar on Photonics

The photonic devices group is pleased to invite you at the seminar organized for the International Day of Light. The seminar will be held by: Prof. Ghanshyam Singh (Distinguished Lecturer IEEE Photonics Society): “Photonic Integrated Devices and Systems: Technology for next Generation Telecom Networks” Prof. David Miller (Stanford University): “Reducing…


Nicola successfully defended his dissertation titled “INTEGRATED OPTICAL PLATFORM FOR BIOSENSOR APPLICATIONS” on the 4th of March. Now Nicola joined the Photonic Devices Group as a post-doc…. Congratulation !

Enabling infrastructures for emerging technologies

The photonic devices group is pleased to invite you at the workshop: “Enabling infrastructures for emerging technologies” Polifab, the micro and nanofabrication center of Politecnico di Milano, is organizing the workshop, a unique opportunity to reflect on infrastructures and technologies. During the event, both local and european institutions, infrastructure manager…