Work with us

Research opportunities for Exchange Ph.D. student

If you are looking for an experience outside your university during your doctoral studies, you can join us and be an Exchange Ph.D. student. You will be able to perform experimental work in our equipped laboratories or, if you crave for technological processes, you can have access to PoliFab new clean room facility. Contact us!


Thesis Opportunities

PoliMi students looking for an exciting thesis experience can look the dedicated web page. With us you can also have the unique opportunity to conclude your studies with an experimental thesis in our laboratories.


Work opportunities

Circuit simulation in integrated photonics (Linear and nonlinear numerical techniques, optimization routines, yield estimation and maximization, statistical design, design on tolerance, etc. for integrated optic circuits. Software implementation, verification with experimental works in InP and SOI technologies).

Requested Skills: excellent C++ programming and very good mathematical and statistical background, fluent English