Best student poster award at ECIO19

Congratulation to Maziyar for obtaining the best student poster award at European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO2019) at Ghent, Belgium for the publication ”Automatic look up table generation technique for photonic integrated circuits”

Douglas Aguiar Ph.D defense

Douglas successfully defended his dissertation titled “Reconfigurable photonic integrated circuits for high capacity optical networks” on the 24th of January. Now he joined the Photonic Devices Group as a post-doc…. Congratulation !

Record high TOC of SiOC

  Silicon Oxycarbide (SiOC) have gained significant attention in scientific community and has been adopted in several important fields of technology including Lithium batteries, photoluminescence and interlayer dielectrics. At Photonic Devices Group, Faisal, a PhD candidate with Prof. Morichetti and Prof. Melloni, has developed Silicon Oxycarbide (SiOC), a promising material…