First Polimi Photonic Integrated Congress

In the context of the Photonic Devices course held by Professor Melloni, the students had the opportunity of organizing and partecipating to a congress.
Four students of the course, helped by our Ph.D. Christian De Vita, were elected as members of the Steering Committee while other students partecipated as researchers. The students had one week to prepare a paper to submit and then they had the opportunity to present it on Wednesday 26th.

Eventually, after the technical analysis of the paper, the committee decided to promote a paper as invited, giving three students the possibility to present their work in a more specific way than the others.

The students really appreciated the initiative, that allowed them to approach the conference, but more in general, the research environment, understanding the difficulties behind the writing of a paper, with rules and limits and also the way these works are evaluated by a technical committee.

The steering committee

The three students who obtained the upgrade of their paper to invited

All the other students that presented their works at the congress