We are on Nature with Programmable Photonic Circuits !

We are very proud to announce that our Review Paper “Programmable Photonic Circuits” has been published in Nature! , a joint collaboration between us and first line institutions and researchers.

Programmable photonic circuits on Nature

Programmable photonic circuits manipulate light on a chip through software software control, instead of hardwiring the waveguide connections for one particular function. This programmability makes it possible to use the chips for a variety of functions, and in different application settings. In our paper we discuss the fundamental principles of these new photonic circuits, and the new elements needed for the complete technology stack. These programmable photonic circuits can have a similar use model as electronic field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and accelerate the adoption of photonic chips into new applications.

Congratulation to all the students, PhD and researchers of the Photonic Devices Group that made this possible!