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– Lecture Notes (in Italian)
Lecture Notes (in English)
Photonics Devices – Introduction
– Photonics Devices – Overview
– Waveguides
Waveguide characteristics
Real Photonic waveguides
Fiber to waveguide coupling
Couplers, Mach-Zehnder and Rings
– Photonic 21 Roadmap
– Surface Grating
– Beam Propagation Method
Fabrication technologies
Fabrication technologies – slides
Waveguide exercise
– Exercise – waveguide and Mach-Zehnder
Arrayed Waveguide Gratings
– Ring resonators
– Ring router
BER and rings
– Optical Isolators
Advance on Optical Isolators
Bragg Gratings
Optical Modulators
– Advanced Modulation Formats
– Optical Interconnects
Optical Interconnects (publications)
– Silicon Photonics
Active materials
InP photonics
– Control Layer
– Foundries and Circuit approach
– Reducing energy and increasing capacity by David Miller (Milan talk)
– Better and faster assembly and testing, FiconTEC – (Photonics testing)
– From singulated devices to wafer level testing, FiconTEC – (Photonics testing)

Photonic Devices Technologies – Milesi

SiON-SiOC technologies – Milesi

Reference books:

Lecture Notes

T. Tamir, “Guided wave optoelectronics”, 1990

C-L. Chen, “Foundations for guided-wave optics”, Wiley, 2007

C. Madsen, J. Zhao, “Optical Filter Design”, Wiley 2007