Collaborations of Francesco Morichetti


On going collaborations

logo_glasgowDr. M. Sorel from University of Glasgow (UK).
Long standing collaboration on silicon photonic devices and circuits
(EU projects FP6 SPLASH, PRIN Sapphire, FP7 BBOI)


logo_munsterProf. H.-D. Wiemhöfer from University of Münster (DE).
Silicon photonic waveguides integrating unconventional materials and exploiting electrochemical effects (EU project FP7 BBOI)


logo_technioinProf. M. Nazarathy from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion, Israel).
Development of control algorithm for photonic integrated circuits
(EU project FP7 BBOI).


Dr. HHI_Logo_ENF. Soares and N. Grote from  Heinrich Hertz Institute (Berlin, DE).
Photonic design kits for InP photonic devices
(EU project FP7 PARADIGM).


Past collaborations

logo_MITProf. L. Kimerling and  A. Agarwal  from Massachussetts Institute of Technology (USA)
Exploiting material photosensitivity for optical waveguide trimming


Prof. I. Molina-Fernandez’s group from Universidad de Malaga (Spain)logo_malaga
Photonic integrated circuits in silicon photonics


Prof. P. Bassi from Università di Bologna (Italy)logo_unibo
Modelling and design of silicon photonic devices
(National Project SAPPHIRE, 2011-2014)


Prof. G. Bellanca from Università di Ferrara (Italy)logo_unife
Nonlinear modelling of silicon photonic devices
(National Project SAPPHIRE, 2011-2014)


Prof. T. F. Krauss from University of St. Andrews (UK)v2-img_header_crest_1413, now at University of York (UK)
Nonlinearities and backscattering in slow-light photonic crystal waveguides
(EU project FP6 SPLASH, 2007-2010)


Lionix BV (Enschede, NL)logo_lionix
Development of the Triplex waveguide concept (2004-2008).